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The silly season is starting, which means longer days… and nights! So how do you make your makeup last the distance? Here are my picks on the perhaps the most understated makeup items, which actually help you last the night (and I can’t live without!!).

Longer lasting eyes

I often get clients to say they don’t like wearing eye shadow as it doesn’t last, or creases during the day. I use the Eleanor Dorn Makeup eye primer  before applying eye shadow, this creates a setting base for eye shadow to sit on top of – which means no creasing, and better shadow application. It also neutralises the eyelid colour ensuring your eyeshadow colour goes on the right shade it’s supposed to.

Eyeshadow primer

Eleanor Dorn Makeup eye primer $36.00


Prime the skin

We’ve all heard of primers, and yes I think they do make a difference if you want long lasting makeup. I like to call a primer the under veil for the face – it creates a soft velvety surface for your product to sit on, and stick to. Primers also help to “blur” the skin and can even out any un even pores. My face is the OmSHE Pure Magic Primer – it works wonders.


OmSHE Pure Magic primer $14.95 AUD

Set that face

Want long lasting foundation and no shine? You better set that makeup! Adding a setting powder on top of your foundation ensures you makeup is set. I use a translucent setting powder which comes in a loose or compact form as you don’t want to spoil your lovely foundation work by adding another layer of colour on top. I also use a setting powder to touch up during the day. As it’s translucent you pop it all over your face – it’s invisible!

Invisible Blotting Powder

Eleanor Dorn Makeup Invisible Blotting Powder $40.00

Loose Translucent Powder

Eleanor Dorn Makeup Loose Translucent Powder $35.00

Line up those lips

Lip liner is back in now – and not only does it help you create a great shape for your lippy, but it also helps your lipstick last longer. The trick? After lining your lips – fill in your whole lip with the liner, again is a base for your lipstick to sit on. Your lip liner doesn’t have to match your lippy 100% – if you just want one for multi purpose i’d suggest the Eleanor Dorn Makeup Lip liner in Naked

Lip Liner - Naked

Eleanor Dorn Makeup Lip Liner  – Naked

Spray it

We all love to spray our hair with hair spray to set it, so yes you can also set your face too! I use a setting spray on the face once all the makeup has been done – this soft mist spray helps to have longer lasting makeup. You can also use a setting spray to help bring out the colour in pigmented eyeshadows, and also to give your highlight an extra glow – just spray it on the brush, they apply with product or an extra glow. A old faithful is the MAC fix spray great for before and after applying makeup.



Follow these steps, and you are set to go all day or night long!

Eleanor xx

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