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So how to master the curl? Most of us now how to use a curling iron – but how do you make it look good, last and what products should you use? My top tips are here:

Smooth it out – I use a hair straighter to ensure the hair is frizz free before the curling process. I also apply a heat protectant prior to applying heat. I love the Essano Beauty Argan oil serum – it heat protects and smooths the hair at the same time.


Section it out – Picking up random sections of hair to curl may work – but you won’t get a consistent shape. Section your hair in “layers” to make sure you get an even curl. I like to 3cm layers – using a big clip to keep the rest of the hair out of the way.


The Pre spray – I like to give the layer a mist of soft hair spray before curling, as it helps to get the curl into shape, and more importantly keep it in shape. I use TRESemme Perfectly (un)done Brushable hairspray – it’s absolutely amazing as it gives a soft hold of a hair spray, but no crunchy finish and you can just brush it out without getting white crispy bits in your hair.


The Curl – I use a curling wand for my hair, if you want super loose waves I’d recommend a larger barrel like such as the Remington one below.I would also recommend the VS Sasson Total Protection Ceramic intense curler as it has an option to switch from a small to a larger barrel size. If you have shorter hair and want a bit of curl I would suggest the smaller size. Curl the hair in small sections (2/3cm wide) on each layer then give your hair another fine mist of the brushable hair spray. If you want a very long lasting curl, I’d suggest setting the hair by curling it back up and securing it with a pin curl clip that way it cools down in its shape.



The Brush out – Once you have done all your curls and they have cooled down in their shape use your fingers or a comb to brush out the curls, this softens them and gives them soft volume. Don’t be scared to brush out your curls, if you have followed the correct steps they shouldn’t drop out. The more you brush, the loose wave you will get. At this stage if you want to create volume by back combing your hair you should do this now

The Final Act – If you have any flyways I’d suggest popping a light cream/styler to smooth them out I love the R&CO Mannequin styling paste ( use sparingly) , then spray your hair with a full hold hair spray – my top 2 faves are the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Keratin Hairspray and the TRESemme Freeze Hold hair spray ( both smell yummy).


With everything practice makes perfect – I’ll be rocking the loose curls this summer for sure.

Eleanor xx

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